ILM Leadership & Management in Dental Decontamination

Leadership & Management in Dental Decontamination

Awarding Body: ILM

Aims & Objectives

The ILM endorsed programme will enable you to progress in your profession by providing you with the underpinning knowledge of decontamination and develop leadership skills to manage the day to day running of a decontamination area. Completion of the programme can steer you towards pursuing career opportunities in decontamination, such as clinical lead or engage with further professional development.
To complete the programme, you will be required to attend 2x workshops and complete 1 assignment which will be marked and assessed against specific marking criteria.

Course content includes:

Professional Practice

Understanding governance
• Legal & ethical reasons for the purpose of dental decontamination.
• Key nominated leadership roles and responsibilities for decontamination
• Leading your team to achieve “Best Practice”

Principles of Infection Control

• Personal protection
• Personal development for staff – Implementing training for the team
• Managing and maintaining a safe working environment

Understanding the layout of a decontamination area

• Safe management and correct location of equipment.

Carrying out the decontamination process

• Identifying recommended processes and how to ensure the process is competently being carried out by team members.
• Implementing contingency plans
• Managing safe transportation of instruments

Validation and maintenance of dental instruments and equipment

• Purpose of validation.
• Responsibilities for validation
• Frequency for validation

Documenting evidence

• Record keeping
• Audits

Safe storage of dental instruments

• Management of storage and recommended time frames for storage
• Implementing and leading the team for structured time frames to identify expiry dates of instruments

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